Life Members

Life Members of Teralba Amateur Sailing Club

Year Awarded Awarded to Vale
  L. O'Conner  
  A. Redmond  
  L. Allen  
  C. Skelton  
  P. Mulvaney  
  W. Edwards jnr.  
  R. Mulvaney  
  G. Stephenson +
  K. Stephenson  
  A. Cavanagh  
  A. Roberts +
  R. Hunter +
  B. Hunter  
  E. Leahy  
  S. Searl +
  J. Roberts +
  A. Kildey +
  J. Brothers +
  R. Edwards  
  K. Edwards  
  K. Watkins +
  G. Blomfield snr. +
  D. Miller +
  E. Williams +
  G. Kildey snr. +
  G. Durie snr. +
  W. Cornford +
  R. Spencer +
  W. Edwards jnr. +

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