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Training and Coaching Programs at TASC

Teralba Amateur Sailing Club (TASC) offers a range of sail training and coaching programs to suit the needs of beginners, intermediate and serious racing sailors.  

TASC is an accredited Discover Sailing Centre and can therefore deliver the Australian Sailing learn to sail programs through qualified Australian Sailing instructors.

TACKERS - Junior Learn to Sail

Tackers is a fun introductory, games-based kids learn to sail program designed for ages 7 to 12 years.  Kids don’t need to have any sailing experience or club membership to participate.  All the equipment, including the boats, is provided.

Tackers is delivered in the Club’s fleet of OziOpti Tacker dinghies which are specifically designed for the program and supervised by Australian Sailing qualified Instructors and Assistant Instructors who are on the water all the time the kids are sailing.

There are three levels that kids can progress through, each level involves around 20 hours of participation.  Each course is focused on having fun and playing games while learning the basics of sailing.

Tackers 1 – "Having Fun" 

This program is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to dinghy sailing for primary school aged kids (7-12 years).  Suitable for complete beginners.

Kids sail in pairs in small boats called OziOpti’s.  They learn the basics of boat handling, and manoeuvring, practice safety drills and how to recover from a capsize.  All exercises are incorporated into games so the kids are unaware they are in a lesson, they are just having fun.  It’s a great way to meet new friends while having fun on the water.

Tackers 2 – Tricks & Techniques

Have you completed Tackers 1?

Enrolment into Tackers 2 requires the completion of Tackers 1.

This course is designed to build on the experience gained in ‘Tackers 1’, with the children now moving on to sailing the boat by themselves.

New skills and knowledge are introduced that will enable the successful participant to safely and competently sail a dinghy in controlled conditions independently (one child per boat). Support, supervision and encouragement is provided from the Instructor and Assistant Instructors who are also on the water.

Tackers 3 – Sailing Fast!

Have you completed Tackers 2?

Enrolment into Tackers 3 requires the completion of Tackers 2.

Upon completion of Tackers 3, sailors will be able to apply knowledge of fundamental boat handling to independently manoeuvre their boat in moderate conditions on all points of sailing. This is a chance for the kids to sail boats on their own, learning how to make the boat go faster and playing more games, all whilst still under the guidance and supervision of the Instructor and Assistant Instructors.


GREEN FLEET - Junior Learn to Race

Enrolment into Green Fleet requires the completion of Tackers 3.

Green Fleet is the entry level Off The Beach coaching and introductory race program for young sailors who have successfully completed a Tackers 3 sailing course or who have some prior sailing experience and knowledge, and who wish to further advance their sailing to a fun competition level.

Sailors will progress to sailing an O’Pen Skiff dinghies, which is similar to a Tackers dinghy but more fun!

  • Green Fleet (O’Pen Skiff)
  • Boat supplied by the Club




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